MITHRAS UNDERWRITING LIMITED is the underwriting clone of Lloyd's Broker BDB Ltd  
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  20-09-2017 -

Mithras Underwriting Limited
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  About Mithras

MITHRAS UNDERWRITING LIMITED is the underwriting clone of Lloyd's Broker BDB Ltd. Both are subsidiaries of BDB Holdings Ltd, an independent company wholly owned by its operatives.

Service, with integrity and humility are the group's bywords. Service must of course flow to the insured, but also to the insurer. The point of equilibrium between the interests of the principal parties is the ideal. Experience proves that recommendations by principals well served by an intermediary obviate the need for expensive advertising. The savings are better spent on state of the art technology.

The structure is not rigid. Territorial divisions take account of technical expertise. Open plan layout allows communication to flow freely, the knowledge of the most experienced being accessible to all.

The Group's clients are the insurance professionals of the European Union countries. This challenges the companies to operate at the cutting edge of insurance technique: it also provides a homogenous background of practice and regulation.

The drive to provide immediate service to its hard pressed clientele required the broker to place Binding Authorities with Lloyd's Underwriters. Once more than half the group's business was placed in this way it became logical that the Binding Authorities should be lodged in an organisation specifically structured for that purpose. Hence MITHRAS.

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Mithras Underwriting Limited is an independent underwriting agency, authorised and regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the FCA register ( under reference 514679.
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